Friday, October 2, 2015

{ Isabella Rose }

Yesterday marks *FOUR* months since our baby girl was born. 
Which got me thinking ... I really need to start writing about the fun adventures of being a parent...
All the things that pictures can't tell! 
So here is to four months of the best gift { Motherhood }

{ My little family }

{ Isabella Rose }

DOB: June 1st 2015

Time of birth: 9:31pm

Weight: 8lb 13.6oz

Location: St Marks Hospital, Salt Lake City 

Labor Story: I woke up at 6am with contractions ranging 2-4 mins apart,
 by 8am my contractions were ranging 1-2 mins apart and we knew it was time to go!! When we got to St Marks, I was only 3 1/2 cm dilated and was monitored for an hour to see my progress. The hour passed and I had only progressed to 4cm, but Isabella's heart was dipping slightly with each contraction. We were admitted at 10am and I was very quick to ask for one of their rooms with a jacuzzi tub. Contractions at this point were very bearable and Sam still laughs at his memory of me sitting in the tub for a good two hours sipping sprite on ice. { St Marks seriously has the best ice } By 2pm our parents had arrived and  it was time to be rechecked ... Still 4cm... by 4pm my contractions were slowing down and were ranging between 3-4 mins apart ... and I was still 4cm. It was time to break my water to try help to process along. Isabella had been head down in the perfect birthing position since 25weeks, and once my water had broken she twisted which caused her head to be out of position { and terrible back contractions for me } by 4:30 and still 4cm it was time for the Epidural { I also remember crying for a sandwich at this point } and put on my side to try flip Isabella back into position. By 8pm it was time to be rechecked and it was time ... I was told to stop pushing due to my doctor not being there yet ... { my mum had stopped him outside my room for a chat ...} and at 9:31pm Isabella was finally here. 

if anyone asks Sam he "delivered Isabella himself" haha. 

{ my mum was able to capture Isabella's first cries }

{ first cuddles with Mummy and Daddy }

We are so in love with our little angel and I can't wait to share our experiences with all of you!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{ The Perfect $8 Bar Stools }

To all you bargain hunters out there, 
we all know there is nothing better than finding that perfect item for an absolute STEAL!!
 Every time summer comes around,
There is one thing I get extremely excited for .....
And this year definitely didn't disappoint. 
About a month ago we were driving up to my in-laws and came across a little garage sale a block down his road,
{and of course not being able to pass a great bargain --- I made Sam stop to have a look}
Where I came across four sturdy wooded bar stools
{which i've been looking for a great set since we've been married --- just couldn't bring myself to pay $60 a stool}
I ended up paying $4 a stool
 --- seriously ecstatic about my new purchase ---
my mind started running through ideas,
of how I could make these plain brown stools,
 into something that fits our little love nest! 
I thought about just spray painting them cream,
--- but then i thought of the countless hours my husband will be sitting on them studying ---  
And decided that they needed to have a cushion! 
Soo here it is...
My step by step tutorial of how to make the perfect bar stools!!

Firstly I grabbed one of my bargain stools and made a trip to my local craft store... where I purchased 
2/3 cans of Spray paint 
{ your choice of colour }
1" sponge padding 
{ I got green because there wasn't any white coloured }
A spray Adhesive 
A thick white material - mine was a flannel type material that would cover the green sponge
A material of your choice that will be the cover for the stools
{ Depending on the size of your stools the amount of material will change 
--- to be safe i purchased 2 yards of each and have some left over }
Plain buttons that you can cover in fabric --- I bought these from Joann's 
{ Enough so their is 4 per stool }
Staple Gun

  • I then started by spray painting each of the chairs 
--- around 3 coats each just to make sure everything is evenly covered ---
{ You don't painting the tops of the chair seats since they will be covered with fabric anyway it will be a waste}

I spay painted the stools in the summer so my layers of paint dried extremely quickly --- but even so I did leave each coat to dry 15 minutes before the next layer... you may want to leave it a a little longer!

  • I then measured out where I wanted my buttons to go
--- This part was little difficult to get absolutely perfect ---
In the end I resulted in tracing the top of the stool on top of a large piece of paper... I then folded it into quarters to find the middle of the stool. From there I worked out the places for buttons.
  • After I was happy with the positions of where I will place my buttons I used an electric drill to dill 4 holes all the way through the top of the stool.
{ Be careful you don't position the buttons holes over the legs of the stool }

  • Then trace the top of your stool onto the sponge, cut and stick it on with spray adhesive !!
  • I then traced around the chair leaving enough fabric to pull over the edge of the chair and stick down with the spray adhesive. 
{I forgot to get a photo of during this step but its pretty self explanatory --- pull the fabric as tight as possible --- For me the legs were the hardest part, I cut a slit at each leg}

  • Then I repeated this step with my cute chair fabric --- but this time instead of using spray adhesive to stick down the fabric, I used a staple gun and hammer to secure the staples! --- use plenty!!!  

All that is left to do is the cute buttons!!!

  • Which I bought this a button making kit from Joann's 

{but i'm pretty sure you can find one from any crafting store}

With the left overs fabric, I followed the instructions on the packet to cover my buttons. I then tied the button to a piece of string {long enough to go through the chair and be stapled and tied at the bottom!} Then I pressed down where the hole was and put the needle through.
{keeping the button pushed down as tight as possible} turn the chair over and staple the string tight in 3 different directions to make sure its secure!{its easier if you do this step with someone} 

and here you have it!!! my perfect $8 bar stools!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

{ Recently... }

With the amount of birthday's,
a Valentines trip to Vegas,
and a whole lot of Sickness!!!
February has been one busy month..
and so...


I was spoiled to death on my birthday,

I was surprised with a lovely trip to Vegas over Valentines day,

Where we visited {Gold & Silver Pawn Shop} from Pawn Stars!!
{ sadly Chumlee wasn't there :( }  

Ate at WAY too much!!

Sunbathed by the Vdara pool all day
{ the weather was so nice --- I actually came home with alittle tan!! }

Shopped until Sam couldn't take it anymore...

Sam got a 2nd job!

I have spent many hour's at anti-gravity Yoga

I have found that this Coconut oil is amazing for my hair
{ I coat my hair in a layer of the oil and leave on for 20-30 minutes twice a week ... and then shampoo and condition as usual --- and my hair feels amazing... so much shinier, thicker, and stronger!! }

I have fallen in LOVE with these JCrew jeans 

I am addicted to these new fresh picked body washes and lotions
{ especially the tangerines scent --- and its only $8!!! }

I have been dying to find time to scrapbook

I have been thinking of craft ideas for Easter ... any ideas??

We have been spending WAY too many hours watching Desperate Housewives

I have already started "Spring Cleaning" our apartment 

We went to Colour Me Mine with this cute Couple...

I have been on the search for wheatgrass growing kits ...anyone know where i could find one??

I hope your february was as great as ours..
and were already 8 days into march!!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

{ Love, Life, and Anitgravity Yoga }

This year has definitely started with a BANG...
... as in BANG its almost February!!
{crazy huh!!}

This January has been so busy,
We went to San Diego - California,
For a family wedding,
and while we were there we got to relive our honeymoon and go to SEAWORLD!!

Needless to say we LOVE Sea World!!
However my ability to repeatedly go on roller-coasters over and over again has gone..
{Im getting so old}
...I still get amazed how they can teach these animals to preform!

Is it just me or anyone else, want to have a career {playing with dolphins/whales/penguins} every time you go?? 

Because I certainly do!!

Also this month
{a New years goal to try something new..}
I decided to try 
Anti-Gravity Yoga --- And I LOVE it!!!

1. I finally get to use my cute Lululemon outfits I got for Christmas
{there so stinking cute}
2. I feel like a child playing in a playground --- while i am ment to be "relaxing" --- all i want is to swing in the hammocks!!
3. I have abs of steel for 2 days after!!
4. It really works -- i've only been twice and I can already tell my body is more toned!!
{I seriously recommend it --- or if you want a great laugh you can just come and watch me!!} 
I hope your New Years goals are as fun as mine!!


Friday, December 28, 2012

{ Merry.Belated.Christmas }

Needless to say I've been so busy this December that i've barely had time for myself!! 
With my brother and his wife, flying over to surprising us for Christmas, 
Nannying my two darling kiddies,
And enjoying Christmas traditions,
My first Christmas as Mrs Skanchy has been the Best Christmas EVER!!!
{I highly recommend getting married --- you get 2 Christmas's}

To sum up my December in 

My Cute little Snowman 

Because Penguins are Sam's Favourite --- and my DIY pinecones decorations  

The Pinecones before I spray
painted them!!

 --- Our Christmas Tree ---

Christmas day Sledging 

Christmas Crackers --- totally English!!

Hes so excited !!!

Wearing our christmas hats!!

Santa Dog --- Roly Ellis

Deer at the kitchen Window!!

White Christmas day!!

Temple Square lights --- Salt Lake City 

Deer Valley Skiing

I hope you had a lovely Christmas And a happy NEW YEAR!! 

P.S happy engagement anniversary to us on new years eve ... one year has gone by so fast!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

{ Oh.Christmas.Tree }

 I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours!!
{Over eating and over shopping in my case}
On Black Friday we went with my In-Laws to cut down our Christmas Tree ---    
a Skanchy tradition that I inherited when I inherited the name.
Its a tradition I absolutely LOVE 
{and we will continue to do it when we have children --- a long way in the future!!}
 Saying I was unprepared for the outing, is definitely an understatement
--- Seen as it was 55 degrees and the sun was shining, you wouldn't expect to need snow gear... but I was extremely wrong!! --- leggings and waterproof UGGs and we were ready to hike!! 
The snow was up to my knees --- and of course the higher you hike the better the trees are going to be!! 
As much as I hate hiking .. I was so excited for our first christmas tree I actually enjoyed myself.
{Sam gave me a 30 mins to find a tree or he's picking the closest one to us} 

My muscle man dragging it down the mountain!!
Proud of our tree!!
After a tiring day of tree cutting --- We had to hit the sales and luckily by the time we got there the rush had calmed down and actually bearable!

Hope your enjoying decorating your homes for the Christmas Season, leave me a link to your blogs so I can see all your darling decorations!!


P.S... I haven't forgotten about posting a picture of our tree fully decorated, I need to purchase a star for the top of the tree!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

{ A.Month.Of.Thanks }

As we get closer to Christmas... 
{Its only 6 whole weeks away!!!}
Are you getting as excited as I am??
Unlucky for me I have to wait an extra week before I {supposedly} can even think about Christmas!! 
Due to a holiday called "Thanksgiving" --- Which us Brits don't celebrate.
As much as I am extremely Thankful that my husband will get a couple extra days off school, family time and of course delicious food... I will be truly Thankful when I can decorate my home all Christmasy! 
{My favourite Holiday is Christmas --- FOR SURE!!}

But... while I have another week of waiting here is a few things i'm truly Thankful for this year!!

  1. My Parents --- for everything they have done and do for me!! Especially the most amazing wedding day I could have ever wished for!!
  2. My Brothers --- for being the subjects of Mum's and mine lunch dates... theres always something new!!
  3. My In-Laws --- for raising {and kicking into shape} the most kind hearted, intelligent, funny, good looking man i've ever met!! --- and the comfiest bed you would ever sleep in!!
  4.  And of course my Husband --- for repeatably putting a smile on my face!! 
When I count my blessings I do count them all twice!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!